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The Government of Meghalaya desires to have a centralized GIS based solution to cater to the needs of its various departments. While each of the line departments will be able to access, process and view spatial data pertaining to their own department, it is however desirable to ultimately keep the data in a centralized server. This will enhance security and provide a uniform standard which will facilitate aggregation of information for usages where multi-departmental data is needed. For the purpose of inter-departmental co-ordination and implementation of the centralized GIS solution, the government has appointed the Information Technology & Communication Department as the Nodal Department.

          It is important to mention here that the IT&C Department has a set up a GIS Lab more than a decade ago. Also under NeGP, the department has established a state of the art State Data Center and a State Wide Area Network connecting the line departments. The IT Department wants to leverage these existing facilities while implementing the centralized GIS based solution. This solution will initially be accessible through Intranet/Internet.